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PELORUS (18) Built in 1808, Itchenor (Cruizer class).
Sold in 1842.

  • 1808 Hon. J. W. KING, Spithead.
  • 1809 Capt. HUSKISSON, promoted out of FLEUR-DE-LA-MER in May 1809 (Commission dated 18 January).
  • Off Guadeloupe on 16 October 1809 PELORUS and HAZARD were blockading Point-a-Petre when they observed a privateer schooner moored under the battery of St. Mary.
    While PELORUS destroyed the battery with her gunfire, Lieut. Edward FLINN of PELORUS and Lieut. ROBERTSON of HAZARD went in with the boats of the two sloops and succeeded in boarding her under a hail of grape and, because they could not move her, blew her up.
    (see HAZARD) Lieut. FLINN was badly hurt during the explosion.
    Three men from PELORUS were killed or died of their wounds and five were wounded.
  • PELORUS formed part of Sir Alexander COCHRANE's force at the reduction of Guadeloupe in February 1810.
    Capt. HUSKISSON was then ordered to act as captain of the BLONDE frigate when Capt. Chas.
    WOSLEY who was to command her died at sea, and escort home a fleet of merchant ships.
    He paid off BLONDE at Woolwich in July and rejoined PELORUS the following November.
    He was promoted to post rank on 14 March 1811 and removed to the GARLAND frigate.
  • 1811 A. KENNEDY, Spithead.
  • 1812 Joshua Ricketts ROWLEY, 03/1811, Mediterranean.
    W. R. SMITH, 10/1811.
  • 1814 Robert GAMBIER, 09/1812, Mediterranean.
  • 1815 John GOURLY, convoy to Cork.
  • 1816-22 Plymouth.
  • 1824 Wm.
    HAMLEY, 04/1823, Cork.
    At the beginning of October 1824 she captured a small smuggling lugger.
  • 1827 Peter RICHARDS, 09/1826, Mediterranean.
  • 1829 Michael QUIN, 09/1828, Mediterranean.
    June 1831 Chatham.
  • 1834 Richard MEREDITH, 09/1831, suppression of the African slave trade.
    On 16 June 1834 a court martial was held on Lieut. Philip de SAUSMAREZ of PELORUS.
    He was charged with having, on 18 April 1832, while in command of a prize crew on the slaver SEGUNDA TERESA, punished Francis BROWN with 24 lashes for neglect of duty contrary to the written orders of Capt. MEREDITH.
    The punishment being carried out by the boatswain's mate of LYNX at Sierra Leone.
    The court decided, that the lieutenant had been justified in having recourse to such punishment.
  • On 17 December 1834 she captured the slaver SUTIL and on 5 January 1835 the MINERVA.
    A bounty was paid on both vessels in June 1836.
    In 1835 MEREDITH was frustrated by the behaviour of a slaver which unloaded her cargo of 600 slaves on the shore whenever PELORUS tried to close with her.
    Finally he ordered his own crew to load the slaves and sent the slaver to the prize court at Sierra Leone.
    The court released her and MEREDITH was fined 1800 for his illegal behaviour.
  • Jan.
  • 1836 Portsmouth.
  • 1837 Francis HARDING, January 1837 to August 1839, Western Australia to Van Diemen's Land.
    At the end of 1839 she was in Port Essington when the area was struck by a hurricane on the night of Monday 24 November.
    PELORUS was capsized and driven ashore with the loss of eight men and on the forenoon of the following day a whaleboat from BRITOMART, the only vessel to survive, brought off the survivors. She was not re-floated until the following February.
  • 1842 William CHAMBERS, 10/1841, Block Ship at Fort Essington.
    Sold at Singapore in 1842.

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