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PARTHIAN Built in 1808, Deptford (Cherokee class).
Lost in 1828.

  • 1808 J. B. BALDERSTON, Baltic expedition.
  • 1809 Richard HARWARD.
    On 2 May she captured the NOUVELLE GIRONDE, a celebrated privateer out of Bordeaux, after a chase of 36 hours during which PARTHIAN's officers and men were constantly at the sweeps.
    The Frenchman was armed with 4 twelve and 10 four-pounders but her crew was reduced from 86 to 58 by having the rest absent in prizes.
    Her commander,M. Lecompte,said that she had been chased by twelve different men of war, none of which had the slightest chance of nearing her.
    HARWARD was posted in July 1809.
  • 1809 Hon. Henry DAWSON, Downs.
    PARTHIAN took part in the Walcheren Expedition and Capt. DAWSON, in consequence of Capt. LOWE having been removed to the command of SABRINA, was placed by Commodore OWEN in charge of a division of gun boats covering the retreat of the rear guard during the evacuation in December. She was afterwards employed in the blockade of German rivers.
    Capt. DAWSON was promoted to post rank on 1 August 1811.
  • October 1811 J. TOMPKINSON re-fitting at Sheerness.
  • 1812 James Henry GARRETY, 01/1812, Channel and North Sea.
    May 1814 Portsmouth.
  • 1820-22 Whit.
    LLOYD, 08/1820, Jamaica.
  • 1824 Hon. George BARRINGTON, 02/1823, Plymouth.
  • 1825 Ditto, Nore. She arrived in Leith Roads on 18 August 1825.
  • 1826 Mediterranean.
    In December 1826/January 1827 PARTHIAN and CHANTICLEER were employed in escorting a convoy from Smyrna to Malta.
  • 1827 George HOTHAM, 04/1827, Mediterranean.
    Wrecked near Marabout Island, Egypt on 15 May 1828 when a southerly current sent the sloop out of her course.
    It was established at a court martial that the lead had not been used and HOTHAM and the Master, Edward SAWKINS, were admonished to be more careful in future.

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