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PAPILLON Taken by ROSAMOND off Guadaloupe on 19 February 1809.
Sold in 1815.

  • James HAY was made her acting commander and his appointment was confirmed on 2 May 1809.
  • 1811 Cadiz.
    At the end of January 1811 CURACOA, RAINBOW and PAPILLON harassed a division of the enemy marching westwards along the Spanish coast to Barcelona and forced them to take a circuitous inland route.
  • On the 29th. Capt. CODRINGTON of BLAKE, who was watering at Arens de Mar, learned that 7,000 French were moving along the coast with the intention of occupying Mataro.
    He weighed and worked up towards Mataro accompanied by PAPILLON which had been driven, in company with the TRITON transport, off the coast in a gale.
    MEROPE, CURACOA and RAINBOW were already firing on the French troops and Spanish irregular forces occupied the mountains behind.
    The British ships fired at intervals as French troops occupied and plundered different parts of the town before they were driven away, but the expenditure of ammunition was too great to do more than keep the enemy in a state of alarm.
  • PAPILLON and CURACOA were sent to Arens where a French division was reported advancing on the town.
    They found the French entering Catilla and Canet but want of wind prevented them attacking them except by using their boats.
    The enemy left Mataro before daylight on the 2 February and retired through the vineyards out of gunshot.
    They reached the hills outside Arens about 3 o'clock after running the gauntlet of the Spanish forces.
    BLAKE, PAPILLON, CURACOA and the boats anchored off shore and lobbed a few shots over the town to deter them from entering.
    The boats were left to scour a street that ran down to the sea to prevent French looting during the night.
  • Paid off 24 April 1815.
  • 1816 Deptford.

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