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PAPILLON Taken from the French by VANGUARD (74) off St. Marc, San Domingo on 4 September 1803.
Lost in 1806.

  • 1805 William WOOLSEY, Jamaica.
    While PAPILLON was anchored at Savanna la Mar in S. W. Jamaica Capt. WOOLSEY was told by the master of a dogger that a Spanish felucca-rigged privateer was off the west coast of the island.
    Knowing that a privateer could probably escape if he went after her in PAPILLON, Capt. WOOLSEY borrowed one of the merchant ship's shallops, disguised her as a dogger and sent her out under Lieut. PRIEUR and the purser, Mr J. CHRISTIE, with 25 men concealed below.
    At 8 o'clock the same evening they fell in with the privateer which PRIEUR allowed to come alongside and make fast before ordering up his men and firing a volley of musketry into her.
    Out of the 25 men on board her, seven were killed or drowned and eight badly wounded. Four swam ashore where they were taken by the militia. PAPILLON had only two slightly wounded.
    She was the CONCEPTION, armed with one brass 3-pounder and plenty of small arms, three days out of Cuba.
    Capt. WOOLSEY landed his prisoners at Savanna la Mar and handed them over to the militia.
  • PAPILLON foundered in the Atlantic during 1806.

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