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PANDORA (18) Built in 1806, Yarmouth (Cruizer class).
Lost in 1811.

  • 1806 Henry Hume SPENCE, 12/1806, fitting out at Chatham.
  • 1808 Ditto, North Sea. She captured the French privateer lugger ENTREPRENANT, 16, on 13 January 1808 after a chase of an hour and forty minutes which finished two miles from the French coast under the batteries near Cap Gris Nez. The lugger would not shorten sail until her captain, M. Bloudin, her second captain and four or five men had been wounded and PANDORA had run alongside her. She had been out of Calais for three days and had taken the MARY brig of Sunderland. The ACTIVE cutter joined in the chase and took off some of the prisoners.
    Capt. SPENCE was promoted to post captain August 1809.
  • 1810 John Macpherson FERGUSON, 10/1810, Baltic. She captured the French privateer CHASSEUR, on 31 December 1810. The privateer's 16 guns were thrown overboard during the chase.
  • During the night of 13 February 1811 PANDORA struck the Scaw Reef off Jutland. In less than 5 minutes she had lost her rudder and within an hour she had nearly filled with water. Twenty-nine of the crew perished in the freezing wind as the seas broke over her. By morning the survivors managed to make a hole in the weather side of the deck which enabled them to go below, one by one, for shelter.
    During the 14th. the sea was running too high for any boats to come out from the shore and the crew of PANDORA lacked the strength to launch their own ice covered boats but on the morning of the 15th. the weather abated and Danish boats took everyone from the wreck and made them prisoners.
    Capt. FERGUSON was appointed to NIMROD in August 1815.

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