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PALLAS (32) Built in 1793, Woolwich.
Wrecked in 1798.

  • 1793 Capt. Henry CURZON.
    He was appointed at the request of Lord HOWE after repeating signals to the rear division of the Earl's fleet in LAPWING. PALLAS served with the Channel and Mediterranean fleets under Lord HOWE, BRIDPORT and ST. VINCENT.
    On 16 June 1795 PALLAS was with a small squadron under CORNWALLIS off L'Orient when they fell in with a large French fleet. They managed to escape without losing a man and received the thanks of both Houses of Parliament for their conduct.
  • On 3 April 1798 PALLAS returned to Plymouth from a cruise off the French coast.
    As she anchored a gale blew up which developed in fury during the night sweeping tremendous seas over her decks. At daybreak she lost her best bower anchor and drove on the rocks under Mount Batten. Some of the crew were drowned as they made precipitate jumps but the rest were saved when the tide ebbed and they were able to make their way ashore on the sheltered side. The greater part of her stores were saved but the vessel herself was completely wrecked.
  • Eleven months later Capt. CURZON was appointed to INDEFATIGABLE.

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