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NYMPHE (38) Built in 1812, Warsash.
Hospital ship in 1836.

  • 1812 Capt. Farmery Predam EPWORTH.
    He spent the next two years blockading the port of Boston, completely stopping the coasting trade between southern and northern ports, so that flour and corn had to be carried by land.
    On the morning of 29 June 1813 NYMPHE was off Port North on her way to Halifax when she fell in with and, after a chase of 34 hours, captured the American privateer schooner THOMAS of 12 guns (eight thrown overboard) and 80 men. She had sailed from Portsmouth 6 days earlier to cruise between Halifax and the Grand Banks.
  • 1814 In September the boats of NYMPHE took possession of a fort in Sandy Bay near Cape Ann, spiked the four guns and threw them into the sea, then brought off the guard and all the vessels in the anchorage, without the loss of a man.
    While he was on station in NYMPHE, and, for a month or so, BULWARK (74) he captured six privateers, carrying 41 guns and 309 men, destroyed 63 sail of American coasting and other traders, and recaptured eight British merchantmen with valuable cargoes.
    By the end of 1814 at Plymouth.
  • 1815 Capt. Hugh PIGOT, Halifax.
    Capt. Joseph PEARCE, Jamaica.
  • 1816 Portsmouth.
  • 1838 Receiving Ship at at Chatham.

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