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NORTH STAR (28) Built in 1824, Woolwich Dockyard.
Broken up in 1860.

  • 1825 Woolwich.
  • 1826 Capt. Sept.
    ARABIN, 23 Dec.
    25, Coast of Africa.
    On anti-slavery patrol during which he captured a number of Portuguese and Spanish vessels.
    Capt. ARABIN returned home via Rio de Janeiro from whence he brought Viscount Strangford, Envoy Extraordinary to the court of Brazil, to Portsmouth, arriving 29 June 1829.
  • 1830 Capt. Lord W. PAGET, 12 Dec.
    29, Portsmouth.
    On 5 February 1831 Capt. PAGET was tried by court martial at Portsmouth for his conduct concerning the punishment and death of a boy belonging to NORTH STAR named William Heritage.
    It was proved that the boy had received 12 lashes on board, that the offence justified the infliction of those lashes and that a subsequent order for further punishment which led to the boy jumping overboard was also justified by his repeated misconduct.
    The court therefore adjudged "Capt. PAGET most fully and most honourably acquitted."
  • 1831 Capt. Hon. G. W. R. TREFUSIS, West Indies.
  • 1832 Out of commission at Portsmouth.
  • 1834 Capt. Octavius HARCOURT, 24 March 34, South America.
  • 1837 Portsmouth.
  • 1838 Commodore Lord John HAY, 8 March 37, supporting a British volunteer legion assisting the Spanish government against the Carlists on the north coast of Spain.
  • 1841 Capt. Sir James E. HOME, 20 Aug.
    41, East Indies, First China War.
    Took part in forcing the defences at the mouth of the Woosung River in June 1842, and the expedition into the Yangtse in July.
  • 1847 HOME was senior naval officer, New Zealand, where a Maori rebellion threatened Aukland.
    He formulated the plans which his successor, Capt. GRAHAM of CASTOR, used to attack the Maori stronghold of Ruapekapeka.
    Lieut. Alfred CURTIS of NORTH STAR was favourably mentioned in despatches.
  • 1848 Chatham.
  • 1849 Master & Commander James SAUNDERS, 2 April 49, Discovery ship.
  • 1852 Cdr. William J. S. PULLEN, 20 Feb.
    52, Arctic.
    NORTH STAR was stationed at Beechey Island as base ship during Capt. BELCHER's expedition in search of FRANKLIN.
    When BELCHER decided to abandon RESOLUTE, ASSISTANCE, INTREPID and and PIONEER in the Arctic during 1854 he planned to bring everyone home in NORTH STAR, but PHOENIX and TALBOT arrived as she was about to sail.
  • 1855 Sheerness.
  • 1858 Chatham, where her breaking up was completed by January 1860.

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