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NIMROD (18) L'EOLE, one of a squadron of four French vessels taken in toto by by Capt. Stephen POYNTZ in SOLEBAY (32) off San Domingo on 22 November 1799.
Sold in 1811.

    She was regarded as the "most handsome ship-sloop in the British Navy."
  • 1800 J. B. EDWARDS, Channel station.
  • 1803 Lieut. Terence O'NEIL, 7 June 1803.
    He applied to have her armed with 24 instead of 18-pounder carronades and her complement increased from 86 to 121 men. He returned to Plymouth on 4 October 1803 from a cruise off the coast of Spain and sailed again on the 18th. in company with RAMBLER. She also operated in Mount's Bay with SEAGULL and two revenue cruisers under his command.
    On 19 November 1803 she sent the DIANA of Lubeck, from Lisbon for Amsterdam, into Plymouth.
    In July 1804 bad attacks of seasickness forced him to resign his command and he was appointed to the Sea Fencibles.
  • 1804 Lieut. JUMP, Plymouth.
  • 1805 Lieut. F. A. COLLIER, Leeward Is.
  • 1807 John HASWELL, Leeward Is. Joseph SPEAR, Leeward Is.
    He took the FIRMEZA, a Spanish packet bound for Carthagena from Cadiz and on 26 December 1807, some 60 miles east of Barbados, he captured LA NOUVELLE ENTERPRISE, a French privateer schooner from Guadeloupe. Commanded by Francis Penaud with a complement of 55 men, she was armed with one long 12-pounder and four carronades. She was purchased for the Royal Navy as VENTURER. (THEODOCIA in 1812)
    Capt. SPEAR removed to GOREE.
  • 1808 Woolwich.
  • 1809 Mate Edward TAPLY.
    At the beginning of April 1809 NIMROD was fitted with Congreve rockets to take part in the attack on French ships in the Basque Roads and during the night of 11 April she was stationed with WHITING and KING GEORGE near the Boyart shoal as the fire ships were launched at the enemy. On the morning of the 13th. she moved up with the others to fire on three French ships aground at the entrance to the Charente.
  • 1811 Deptford, to be sold.

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