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NIMBLE (12) Cutter Built in 1781, Folkestone.
Lost in 1808 in Stansgate Creek.

  • 1799 Lieut. LLOYD, Channel.
    While convoying the trade from Dartmouth to the Downs on the 24 February 1801 he fell in with, and captured after a chase of six hours, the French privateer cutter BONAPARTE of Cherbourg armed with fourteen brass guns and carrying a crew of 44 men. She had captured a collier from Plymouth.
    NIMBLE had no casualties but the enemy had two men killed and the first lieutenant wounded.
  • 1802 Lieut. J COGHLAN, 03/1802, Plymouth.
    On 28 October 1802 NIMBLE sailed for Dartmouth, returned on 24 November and sailed again immediately. She sailed from Plymouth on 1 October 1803 with dispatches from Ad. COLPOYS to Rear-Ad. SAUMAREZ at Jersey and returned on 15 November. During the winter of 1803-4 NIMBLE and the SHEERNESS cutter were with Sir Edward PELLEW's squadron of line-of -battle ships and frigates off Ferrol. Although they experienced very bad weather which sometimes blew them off station, the British ships prevented the junction of the Ferrol and Coruna squadrons.
  • 1805 Lieut. DELAFONS, Channel.
  • NIMBLE was wrecked in Stangate Creek in the Medway at the beginning of 1808.

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