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NILE (16) Hired lugger No details.
  • 1799 Lieut. WHITEHEAD, Downs.
    On 13 January 1800 Lieut. WHITEHEAD was ashore sick and the master, Stephen BUTCHER, was in command when he captured the French lugger MODERE, of four 4-pounder and 42 men, belonging to Boulogne. She had only sailed from that port six hours previously.
    As NILE was boarding her, NEMESIS and SAVAGE came up.
    They were seeking English ships that had been taken by the French luggers from NARCISSUS's convoy is it passed up Channel and had recovered one, the ATLAS from Lisbon and had taken a French lugger.
    Capt. BAKER of NEMESIS, finding himself senior officer in a small squadron, ordered NILE to take station off Calais and UNION off Boulogne, while he returned to the Downs with the prizes.
  • On the night of 7 July NILE supported an attack by fire ships on French frigates in the Dunkirk Roads under Capt. INMAN in ANDROMEDA.
    (with WASP, FALCON, DART, COMET, ROSARIO, SELBY, BOXER, TEASER, BITER, STAG, NILE, ANN, KENT and VIGILANT) By using smugglers as pilots he brought the whole squadron through the Roads with out loss.
    The NILE was stationed as a leading mark at Gravelines Hook to assist with the navigation.
    DART managed to capture and bring out one frigate but the three others cut their cables and escaped before the fireships could entangle with them.
  • Lieut. WHITEHEAD was still sick ashore when Mr BUTCHER fell in with the French privateer cutter RENARD off Folkestone at nine o'clock in the evening of 2 November.
    He captured her as she was about to board a laden merchantman.
    The privateer was commanded by Michael Bernard Hamelin, mounted two 3-pounders and had 13 men on board. She had left Calais the previous afternoon.

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