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NIGER (38) Built in 1813, Blackwall.
Broken up in 1820.

  • 1813 Capt. Peter RANIER.
    In November 1813 NIGER captured the American letter of marque DART with six guns mounted and bound to France from New Orleans.
    On 5 January 1814 NIGER approaching San Antonio, an island in the Cape Verde group, to correct her longitude gave chase to a strange sail and after a long chase of 238 miles NIGER and TAGUS captured the French frigate CERES (40).
    Fire from TAGUS took away her main-top-mast and rendered her escape impossible so when NIGER came up the enemy fired one broadside and struck their colours.
    Lieut. John MANTON, 1st. of NIGER, took charge of the prize which had sailed from Brest on her first cruise in December. She was taken into the Royal Navy as SEINE.
  • 1815 Capt. Samuel JACKSON, 08/1815. She carried the Hon Charles Paget, the British ambassador to the United States, from Portsmouth to Annapolis and Sir John Sherbrooke, Governor of Canada, from Nova Scotia to Quebec. She remained on the coast of Nova Scotia until she was found to be unserviceable in the summer of 1817.
    Capt. JACKSON, his officers and crew, returned to England in a transport.

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