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NETLEY (16) Schooner Purchased in 1798.
Taken in 1806.

  • 1799 Lieut. Francis Godolphin BOND, Portsmouth for the Mediterranean.
    Close in to Vigo on the 14 October 1799 NETLEY recaptured a brig from Gibraltar laden with brandy.
    Lieut. BOND dropped a boat to take possession of her and continued under a press of sail to cut off the cutter which had taken her. She proved to be the Spanish privateer EL ORELY Y LOS TRES AMIGOS belonging to Muros and armed with four carriage guns and four brass 3-pounders on swivels.
    The 52 prisoners exceeded the number of NETLEY's own crew so Lieut. BOND landed them at Oporto and handed them over to the Spanish consul on the 17th.
  • NETLEY captured two Spanish privateer luggers on the 14 November and took them into Lisbon on the 28th. together with a lugger taken by CASTOR on the 24th.
  • Gales prevented NETLEY sailing before the 11 November and, on the 22th. off Viana, she captured the French lugger privateer ESPERANCE which had previously been a Guernsey privateer.
    The next day he spoke ST. FIORENZO and learnt that the bad weather had dispersed three convoys off the coast and that for more than 20 days they had been unable to enter the Douro, providing rich pickings for enemy privateers.
    Lieut. BOND therefore stood off the entrance to Vigo Bay to intercept the enemy prizes.
    He retook the Hamburg brig CATHARINA, from Oporto to Limerick with wine and fruit, on the 24th.
    On Christmas Day two privateers were taken and two prizes, the DUCHESS OF GORDON from Newfoundland with dried fish, and the VENUS from London were recaptured.
    Three more merchantmen were captured on the 27th.
  • The weather then began to deteriorate and on the 9 January 1800 she spoke the TROJAN, West Indiaman, which had lost her main top mast and most of her sails.
    NETLEY stood by her in continual gales until he saw her safely in to Lisbon on the 27th.
    Unfortunately most of the prizes and several of NETLEY's crew were lost in the gales.
    The DUCHESS OF GORDON was wrecked near Lisbon with only one person saved.
    The pilot of NETLEY was lost in her.
    Two brigs arrived safely in Lisbon and two others took refuge with the enemy in Vigo.
    The crew of a French lugger which was wrecked on the bar of Viana was saved.
  • NETLEY was placed under the orders of Capt. HALSTED and sailed from Lisbon on the 5 September with a convoy for Oporto which she delivered safely on the 11th.
    On the 28th. she took a Spanish privateer N. S. DEL CARMEN LA CONFIANZA, of 2 guns and 26 men.
  • On the 16 October she retook the brig MARY from Dublin and a Portuguese government lugger.
    The lugger had been sent by the Governor of Vianna, Pedro de Millo, to recover the MARY which had been cut out her anchorage under St. John's Fort by a Spanish rowboat, they had both been captured on the 15th. by a French privateer of 14 guns.
    Because of this the crew of the NETLEY gave up claim to salvage on the lugger.
  • When NETLEY approached Lisbon on the 7 November she was told of a Spanish privateer schooner lurking in the neighbourhood which had taken a brig loaded with fish.
    As the dispersed Newfoundland convoy was approaching the Tagus Lieut. BOND closed the shore in the dark and found the schooner and her prize, the HUNTER of Greenock, at anchor.
    A boat was dispatched to the brig and the privateer was boarded and taken without trouble. She was the ST. MIGUEL (alias ALERTA) of nine guns and 65 men. She was about two months old and had sailed from the river Pontevedra.
    All three vessels anchored in St Julien's the same day.
  • NETLEY sailed from Lisbon on the 18 November 1800 and on the 22nd she took a Spanish privateer lugger ST. ANTONIO Y ANIMAS LA FORTUNA, on the 1 December the ST. MIGUEL, and on the 16th., 17th. and 18th., successively she recaptured the English brig SPEEDY which had been bound for Oporto with Newfoundland fish, a Spanish coaster and a Spanish privateer schooner, SAN PEDRO Y SAN FRANCISCO, of 3 guns and 39 men.
  • 1801 Lieut. James MEIN.
    On the 27 January 1801 he left the Tagus to convoy the homeward bound trade from Lisbon and on the 31st., when they were off the Bar of Oporto, he fell in with four privateers.
    After a chase of two hours he captured one, a Spanish lugger the SANTA VICTORIA, mounting six guns and manned by 26 men.
    When the ships of his convoy hoisted a signal for an enemy to windward he was obliged to rejoin them and the other three privateers escaped.
  • On the 9 February, 30 miles S. W. of Oporto, he took a Spanish privateer lugger ST. FRANCISCA la PAULA, armed with two carriage guns and four swivels.
    Two days later Lieut. MEIN captured a Spanish privateer schooner ST. JOSEPH, commanded by Don Juan Antonio de Amaza, and learnt from the English prisoners aboard her that several ships from a Lisbon bound convoy had been taken the previous day.
    He put the prize under the command of Mr BUCHAN, NETLEY's master, and sent him off in chase of two strange sail to the west, while NETLEY went north after three others.
    He retook a brig from Southampton and then another brig from London.
    This last he manned with six men and a midshipman and sent her after a lugger which she drove ashore 18 miles south of Oporto.
  • The Spanish lugger NOSTRA SANTA del CARMEN bound for Ferrol from Vigo with wine and sardines was taken on the 16 February.
  • NETLEY returned to Portsmouth from the Mediterranean on the 19 February 1802.
  • 1802 Lieut. LAWRENCE, Spithead.
  • 1803 Ditto, Barbados.
    The troops for an expedition to Demerara embarked on transports at Barbados on the 31 August 1803 with HEREAUX, HORNET and NETLEY as escorts.
    When they reached the Demerara river NETLEY was sent forward with a Mr Casey, who was acquainted with the coast, to seek information and procure boats.
    When the troops arrived they found that Lieut. LAWRENCE had 24 boats waiting for them in 3 fathoms of water.
    The governor of the colony agreed to surrender Demerara and Essequibo and NETLEY, with a body of troops, and HORNET, which had been blockading the port, entered the river, occupied Fort William Frederick and captured the HIPPOMENES, a ship belonging to the Batavian Republic.
  • 1805 Lieut. Richard HARWARD.
    On 4 October 1805 she took the French privateer felucca SAN BENITE of one gun and 18 men.
  • 1806 Lieut. William CARR, West Indies.
    NETLEY was taken by two French cruisers on 17 December 1806.
  • She was recaptured by Capt. V. V. BALLARD in BLONDE on the 22 September 1807.
    NETLEY had been given a complete refit while in the French service which added to her length. She had been renamed DUSQUEZNE and operated from Guadeloupe with a crew of 123 men.
    Her armament was sixteen 24-pounder carronades,

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