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NEPTUNE (98) Built in 1797, Deptford.
Broken up in 1818.

  • Capt. E. H. STANHOPE, 05/1797.
    Commodore Sir Erasmus GOWER hoisted his broad pennant in July 1797.
    Capt. J VASHON, 04/1799, Plymouth.
  • 1800 with Ad. GARDNER at Torbay.
  • 1801 Capt. BRACE flying Vice Ad. James GAMBIER's flag, Channel fleet.
  • 1803 Capt. O'Bryen DRURY, Torbay.
  • 1805 Capt. T. F. FREMANTLE, off Cadiz.
    NEPTUNE and MINOTAUR left Lord COLLINGWOOD's fleet off Cadiz on 27 September 1806 with 22 sail of merchant vessels and light transports from Messina and Malta to escort them home.
    The passengers on board included Capt. John Oakes HARDY, late of ZEALOUS, who had been dismissed the service for drunkenness, and Lord Viscount Valentia who had been making explorations in India and the Middle East.
    He had an Abyssinian prince in his suite.
  • 1807 in ordinary at Portsmouth Capt. Sir T. WILLIAMS, Spithead.
  • 1808 Ditto, to the West Indies on 1 October.
    The flagship of Rear Ad. Sir Alexander COCHRANE.
    NEPTUNE left Carlisle Bay, Barbados, on 28 January 1809 for the attack on Martinique and during the evening of the same day met with CLEOPATRA and the French prize frigate TOPAZE.
    The army under Lieut. Gen. Beckwith was put on shore on the 30th. and 31st. and the island surrendered on 25 February.
    NEPTUNE had three men wounded while serving ashore.
  • The ships-of-the-line and frigates employed in the reduction of Martinique were: NEPTUNE, POMPEE, BELLEISLE, YORK, CAPTAIN, INTREPID, ACASTA, PENELOPE, ETHALION, AEOLUS, CIRCE, ULYSSES and EURYDICE.
  • In April arrangements were made to reduce the Saintes and secure the five ships of a French squadron anchored there.
    The troops were landed on 12 April and in the evening, after being fired on by mortars and howitzers, the enemy put to sea, two frigates going one way and three line-of-battle ships the other.
    NEPTUNE, off the S. W. passage, made sail to join POMPEE, Capt. FAHIE, and found her chasing the three ships.
    POMPEE and RECRUIT managed to cripple the sternmost, brought her to action and captured her. She was the D'HAUTPOULT (74) two months into her maiden voyage.
    NEPTUNE lost one seaman, William BOZIER, killed and six wounded.
  • 1810 in ordinary at Plymouth.

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