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NEMESIS (28) Built in 1780, Liverpool.
Sold in 1814.

  • 1800 Capt. Thomas BAKER, Nore.
    On 13 January 1800 NEMESIS boarded and captured the French privateer lugger RENARD mounting fourteen 4-pounders and two swivels and having a crew of 65 men commanded by Jean Jaques Fourmentin. She had sailed from Boulogne the previous day with six others and had captured the brig ATLAS from Lisbon off Dungerness.
    The brig was recaptured by the SAVAGE sloop.
    Soon afterwards they came across another privateer, the MODERE in the act of being boarded by the NILE armed cutter.
    Finding himself in possession of a small force Capt. BAKER decided to deploy them where they might intercept any captures from the convoy NARCISSUS was escorting up the Channel.
    The UNION cutter was stationed off Boulogne, the NILE off Calais and Capt. THOMPSON of SAVAGE a choice depending on his judgement.
    NEMESIS then returned to the Downs with the two prizes and the ATLAS.
    In September NEMESIS arrived at Plymouth and her ship's company were turned over to the San JOSEPH which had been in dock there.
  • 1803 Capt. SOMERVILLE, Channel.
    At nine o'clock on Wednesday 15 May 1805 a signal was made on board NEMESIS, then lying at Spithead, for all ships lying in the port to send a boat manned and armed to attend the execution of N. LINCOLN, a seaman, for desertion.
    One man from each boat was ordered on deck where the unfortunate man was at prayer with a Catholic priest.
    With every preparation made for the execution made he requested permission to address the Men and said that he was now prepared to die.
    Capt. SOMERVILLE then read out the sentence which included a free pardon.
    He was seriously admonished and the following day was sent on board the TRIUMPH, the men of NEMESIS having made a collection for him from their 12 month's pay which they had just received.
    Convoy to Newfoundland in August 1805.
  • 1807 coast of Portugal, later in the year Newfoundland.
  • 1808 North Sea.
  • 1809 Capt. FERRIS, 03/1809.
    BELVIDERA and NEMESIS were close in shore off Studtland on the coast of NORWAY on the evening of 22 July 1810.
    Capt. BYRON of the former sent his master to investigate a deep bay and he found three Danish gun-vessels there.
    The following morning the BELVIDERA's launch, barge and two cutters were joined by the launch, pinnace and yawl of NEMESIS under Lieuts. HODGSKENS and SMITH and the seven boats attacked the Danes under a heavy cannonade.
    The bow guns of the boats were used to good effect and the enemy soon struck leaving two gun-schooners, BOLDER and THOR, each carrying two long 24-pounder guns and six 6-pounder howitzers and manned by 45 men, in British hands.
    The third vessel, gunboat No.
    5 carrying one 24-pounder, was chased up a fiord, abandoned by the 25 men on board and burnt by the boats.
    The enemy had 4 men killed.
  • 1811 Sheerness in the autumn.
  • 1812 armed en flute.
    Cdr. Hon. J. A. MAUDE, 02/1812, America until his promotion to post rank in March 1814.
    On 11 July 1813 NEMESIS was one of a squadron of vessels under Rear Ad. COCKBURN in SCEPTRE which landed detachments of troops to put an end to the commerce carried on from the port of Ocracoke.
    They captured Portsmouth and OCRACOKE Island and captured a brig, the ANACONDO, and a schooner, the ATLAS.
  • 1814 Spithead.

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