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NAMUR (90) Built in 1756, Chatham.
Broken up in 1833.

  • 1799 Capt. LUKE, Lisbon station.
  • 1800 Ditto, Spithead.
    On 13 January 1800 a French privateer brig managed to enter Torbay with the Gibraltar fleet and remained there for six days.
    No suspicions were raised, since the few men on deck spoke good English, until she sailed with the fleet and was unable to answer a private signal. She was boarded by NAMUR and 50 men were discovered concealed below ready to capture a ship from the convoy during the night.
  • During 1803 she was cut down to a 74-gun ship at Chatham.
  • 1805 Capt. Lawrence W. HALSTED, Channel fleet.
    On 21 August 1805 NAMUR was off Ushant with 16 other line-of-battle ships under Ad. CORNWALLIS when the French fleet at Brest stood out of the Goulet and anchored.
    The following day the Admiral stood in with INDEFATIGABLE, VILLE DE PARIS, CAESAR, MONTAGUE, NAMUR and three other 2-deckers but the French retreated and after an engagement with shore batteries the British stood out to sea.
  • She was with a squadron under Sir Richard STRACHAN on 3 November at the surrender of a French squadron of four ships under Rear Ad. Dumanoir.
    The French flagship FORMIDABLE surrendered to NAMUR and was taken into the Royal Navy as BRAVE.
  • On Thursday 16 January 1806, while the NAMUR was lying at St. Helen's, her launch with two men in it broke loose during a gale.
    Two cutters were manned and sent after the launch and one of them returned with it to the ship.
    The other was presumed to have struck on the Wolleners and overset while trying to enter Langston harbour.
    The cutter with the body of a seamen drifted ashore on Hayling Island.
    A Lieut. SMITH and seven men lost their lives.
  • On 13 March 1807 NAMUR was with Sir J. B. WARREN at the capture of MARENGO and BELLE POULE in the Atlantic.
  • She was paid of in July 1807 and by the end of the year she was the guardship at the Nore, Capt. Charles JONES.
  • 1808 Flagship of Vice Ad. Thomas WELLS, Capt. Richard JONES.
  • 1811 Flagship of Sir Thomas WILLIAMS used as a receiving ship at the Nore.
    Capt. Charles John AUSTEN with the responsibility for the manning of all ships fitting out in the Thames and the Medway.

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