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MORNE FORTUNEE (12) The French privateer LE REGULUS taken by PRINCESS CHARLOTTE in December 1804 in the West Indies.
Lost in 1809.

  • 1806 Lieut. RORIE, Jamaica.
    After a chase of two hours off Beata on 16 May 1806 he took the French privateer LUNI (2), out of San Domingo and on 3 June he drove the Spanish schooner L'AIMABLE JENETTE ashore between the island of Saona and Cape Euganna.
    It was impossible to get her off so Sub Lieut. KINGSTON was sent in to destroy her.
  • On 18 June 1806, under Lieut. John BROWN, she took the French privateer schooner HOPE of St. Pierre's, Martinique, armed with 4 carriage guns.
    The privateer had lost her main-mast and foretop-mast in a squall Her 44 crew had been out for seven days but had taken nothing.
  • On 1 January 1807 she joined four British frigates (ARETHUSA, LATONA, ANSON and FISGARD) in the capture of the Dutch island of Curacao.
  • 1807 Lieut. RORIE, Jamaica.
    On 8 July 1807 he chased the Spanish privateer schooner BABILLON ashore after a three hour chase from Point Tunacas.
    MORNE FORTUNEE opened fire on her as she lay on the beach and totally destroyed her.
    While off the south side of the Pedro Bank, a large shoal some 100 miles by 50 miles in area lying to the south of Jamaica, he captured the Spanish letter of marque felucca SANTO CHRISTO on 10 March 1808 after a chase of twenty-four hours. She mounted one long 12-pounder and had 15 men on board and was from Cuba bound for Porto Bello near Colon.
    A letter of marque schooner was captured on 18 May.
  • On 12 December 1808 MORNE FORTUNEE discovered the French sloop CYGNE (16), and two schooners at anchor off Pearl Rock in Martinique.
    BROWN signalled CIRCE, STORK, EPERVIER and EXPRESS lying off St. Pierre.
    AMARANTHE joined the following day.
    The French ships were eventually destroyed, but with heavy British losses.
    (see AMARANTHE).
    MORNE FORTUNEE was wrecked off Martinique on 9 January 1809.
    John BROWN lost his life but 19 were saved.

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