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MORGIANA (18) The French L'ACTIF taken by THAMES in Bay of Biscay on 30 November 1800.
Broken up in 1811.

  • 1801 Charles OTTER, Mediterranean.
    MORGIANA brought home duplicate dispatches announcing the fall of Alexandria in 1801.
    On 16 January 1802 MORGIANA sailed with a fleet of line-of-battle ships and frigates under Rear-Ad. CAMPBELL for Jamaica. She returned to Portsmouth 17 May 1802.
    Robert RAYNSFORD, 05/1802, Channel.
    MORGIANA came in to Portsmouth to pay off on 1 October to be paid off.
  • On 10 January 1803 she sailed to join AUTUMN in assisting the salvage of the storeship ABUNDANCE which had gone on shore on Sconce Point near the Needles while on her way to the Mediterranean.
    Four days later MORGIANA and LOCUST sailed for Ireland to raise seamen. She returned on 2 February and sailed for Lymington on 14 March, bringing back seamen for the fleet the following day.
    On the 17th. she and JUNO were stationed at St. Helens as guardships.
  • On 28 March 1803 she sailed from Portsmouth for Jersey returning on 26 April with seamen.
    Later in the year she sailed for the Mediterranean.
  • While chasing two vessels off Cape Spartivento, the southernmost point of Sardinia, on 15 October 1803, MORGIANA was herself chased by lateen rigged vessel flying English colours which swept out from the coast.
    When she came within gunshot she discovered that she was attacking a man of war and when Capt. RAYNSFORD fired several shots at her she hoisted French colours and anchored.
  • The boats under Lieut. LAWRENCE were sent off and boarded and carried her under grape and musket fire. She was the French privateer MARGUERITE armed with two 6-pounders and two 4-pounders.
    Of her crew of 40 only three remained on board, the others having swum ashore.
    MORGIANA had one seaman mortally wounded.
  • On 1 December 1805 MORGIANA detained the Sicilian ship DIVINE PROVIDENCE of 9 men and 50 tons bound to Genoa from Palermo.
  • 1807 J. SLADE, off Cadiz, returning to Chatham later in the year.
  • 1808 Chatham.

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