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MONTAGU (60) Built in 1757, Sheerness.
Breakwater at Sheerness in 1774.

  • 1758 Capt. Joshua ROWLEY, Mediterranean with Ad. Henry OSBORN.
    MONTAGU and MONARCH, sent in chase of some strange sails in February, drove the French ORIFLAMME (50), ashore. With Richard HOWE's fleet in August which landed troops in Marais Bay six miles to the westward of Cherbourg. The town was entered without opposition and works and magazines were destroyed and the ships in the harbour burnt, sunk or carried off. The fleet anchored in Portland Road on 19 August.
    An unsuccessful attempt to repeat the same sort of operation against St. Malo was attempted on 3 September. The troops were surprised by a large French force and, although two thirds of the army were re-embarked, the rear guard of 700 fought until their ammunition was expended. Some were taken off in boats from the rocks and the sea, but the majority had to surrender.
  • 1759 With Ad. Sir Edward HAWKE's fleet at the action in Quiberon Bay, 20 November.

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