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MONMOUTH (64) Built in 1700, Woolwich (? rebuild of the 1667 ship).
Broken up in 1739.

  • 1711 Capt. MITCHELL, with a fleet under the command of Rear Ad. Sir Hovenden WALKER which sailed from St. Helens for Boston, with 33 transports carrying more than 5,000 men, on an expedition against French settlements in Canada, particularly Quebec.
    He arrived on 24 June and sailed on 30 July, having had difficulty in procuring pilots.
    On 18 August, being off Gaspe Bay, it blew fresh and he anchored to wait for an opportunity to go up river to Quebec.
    On the 21st. it proved foggy and by the next day there was thick fog and it began to blow hard at E and E. S.E.
    making it impossible to steer any course with safety.
    Following the advice of the pilots Sir Hovenden soon found himself on the north shore among rocks and islands where eight transports were wrecked and nearly 900 men lost.
    After two days spent saving what men and stores they could, a council of war decided that it was impracticable to proceed up the St. Lawrence so, leaving the LEOPARD with some sloops and brigantines in case any men should be found on shore, the admiral took his fleet to the Spanish river in Cape Breton Is.
    and thence home, arriving at St. Helens on 9 October.
    His flagship, EDGAR, blew up at Spithead on the 15th., killing several hundred seamen and destroying his papers.
  • 1726 Capt. BALCHEN, with the Anglo-Danish Baltic squadron under Vice Ad. Sir Charles WAGNER who hoisted his flag at the Nore on 13 April.
    They weighed on the 17th. and on the evening of the 23rd. came to anchor in the road at Copenhagen The combined fleet remained before Revel until 28 September, convincing the court at St. Petersburg to lay up the Russian fleet.
    The British part of the fleet returned safely to the Gunfleet on 1 November.
  • 1729 Capt. PURVIS, with an Anglo-Dutch fleet which rendezvoused at Spithead at the end of June to defend British and Dutch interests in the West Indies against depredations by Spain.
    One result was the treaty of Seville concluded on 9 November.

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