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MONKEY (1) Schooner Built in Jamaica. 1 long 12-pounder swivel.
Lost in 1831.

  • 1827 Lieut. HAY, 07/1827, Jamaica.
  • 1828 Lieut. Joseph SHERER, Jamaica.
    Within eight months SHERER captured three large vessels carrying 743 slaves, all bound for Cuba.
    One, taken in April 1829, was the Spanish schooner JOSEPHA carrying 207 slaves.
  • Another was the brig MIDAS, 360 bm, mounting four long 18pdrs and four 12pdrs.
    As an indication of the difference in size, MIDAS's mainsail boom was as long as MONKEY over all. She was discovered by MONKEY at about 9 AM on 27 June 1829, anchored some 6 7 miles off.
    When MONKEY approached she weighed and tried to keep her distance but the schooner eventually closed and was met by an ill directed broadside. She did not reply until at point-blank range when a number of discharges of grape and canister brought all resistance to an end.
    MIDAS proved to be from the River Bonny were she had loaded 557 slaves.
    Of these only 400 survived an epidemic of small pox through the Middle Passage and a further 251 died within a few weeks of rescue.
    The MIDAS had 1 man killed and 3 wounded out of a crew of 57; the MONKEY had no casualties although the hull and rigging of both vessels suffered.
  • Three English sailors from a Liverpool vessel wrecked on the African coast were found in MIDAS's crew.
    They were condemned to death at the Old Bailey for piracy but their sentences were commuted to transportation for life.
    SHERER transferred to NIMBLE in August 1829.
  • 1829 Lieut. Martin Cole, 09/1828, Jamaica.
  • She was wrecked on Tampico Bar in May 1831.

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