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MODESTE (36) Taken by Capt. MAN in BEDFORD off Genoa on 17 October 1793.
Broken up in 1814.

  • 1799 under repair at Portsmouth.
  • 1800 fitting out as a troopship at Deptford.
  • 1801 Armed en flute.
    Capt. HINTON, Mediterranean.
  • 1803 Out of commission at Woolwich.
  • 1805 Floating battery at Lower Hope in the Thames.
  • 1806 Capt. Hon. George ELLIOT, Nore. She was manned from the receiving ship which supplied about 25 real seamen, the remainder being being boys and youths from 16 to 20, pressed from north-country colliers.
  • 1807 Spithead for the East Indies.
  • On 8 October 1808 MODESTE captured the French national corvette JENA after a nine hour chase in a light breeze and a running action of nearly an hour.
    The enemy vessel had managed to keep her distance using sweeps but when she struck her sails and rigging were wrecked and she had cut away her boats and booms and thrown three of her eighteen guns overboard.
    (She was pierced for twenty-four.) Her hull was undamaged and, being a fine vessel, she was taken into the Royal Navy as VICTOR.
    The Master of MODESTE, Mr William DONOVAN, was killed in the action and one seaman wounded.
    The JENA was four months out from the Ile de France (Mauritius) and had taken the JENNET of Madras, which she had sunk, and the SWALLOW of Penang; the latter was still in sight during the chase but she managed to escape to leeward and was not seen again.
  • On 15 July 1809 her boats, under Lieut. William PAYNE, cut out a Dutch schooner of 8 guns and 22 men from a bay in the Straits of Sunda under the guns of two batteries and five other armed vessels.
  • MODESTE later took part in the reduction of Java.
  • 1813 Capt. J. C. CRAWFORD.
    At the beginning of February 1813 off Scilly, the large French privateer schooner FURET which was being chased by the WASP sloop was captured by MODESTE.
    Her commander, Louis Maracourt, was so convinced of her superior sailing qualities that he would not bring to until his rigging and sails had been damaged by shot from MODESTE and three of her men had been wounded.
    Belonging to St. Marlo and armed with 14 guns she had left Abrevai the previous day with 98 men on board.
  • Shortly afterwards MODESTE was put out of commission at Deptford.

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