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MODESTE (18) Built in 1837, Woolwich.
Sold in 1866.

  • The MODESTE was built at the instance of some members of the Navy Board who knew that Ad. Sir George ELLIOT disapproved of the increased draught of vessels designed by Sir William Symonds and asked him to prove it by building a ship of less draught.
  • 1838 Harry EYRES, 11/1837, Cape and Coast of Africa. Between 30 October and 26 November 1838 sailing trials between MODESTE and ROVER in the West Indies, MODESTE proved best in three out of eleven.
  • 1841 Ditto, East Indies.
    On 7 January 1841 MODESTE, in company with DRUID and COLUMBINE, followed SAMARANG to anchor within half a cable of one of the Bogue forts, Chuanpee, at the mouth of the Canton River.
    In less than half an hour they silenced the guns and SAMARANG led the division across the river to silence the fort at Tycocktow.
    The boats of the four ships then landed seamen to occupy the fort, blow up the magazines and destroy the guns.
    In May the same year MODESTE took part in the capture of Canton.
    Together with CRUIZER and COLUMBINE she bombarded Dutch Folly fort and then her boats under Mr FITZGERALD, mate, joined the others to go to the assistance of ALGERINE which was attacking a fort to the eastwards.
    Under heavy fire they landed and stormed the fort and drove out the Chinese.
    FITZGERALD was mortally wounded.
    Lieut. Edward CLINTON was only wounded in the knee on the 27th. but died on 13 June.
  • On 26 August MODESTE took part in the capture of Amoy, anchoring in little more than her own draught to bombard the shore batteries.
    On 10 October an attack was made on Chinghae to secure winter quarters for the troops.
    MODESTE sailed in to take up her position for shore bombardment so close to the shore that she grounded at low water.
    Lieut. BIRCH and Mate PEARSE landed with a company of seamen and Major ELLIS with a battalion of Royal Marines to join the troops in the attack on the town.
    Capt. EYRES and Major ELLIS were mentioned in dispatches.
    On 16 June 1842 MODESTE, R. B. WATSON, was towed by NEMESIS into the Woosung river to oppose a battery of ten Chinese guns prior to the attack on Shanghai. She was made fast to a jetty from which she soon silenced the fort.
    A pinnace under Mr BIRCH then went ashore to spike the guns.
  • The following month MODESTE joined the fleet of nearly 80 ships which sailed 200 miles up the Yangtse Kiang.
    On 20 June Capt. WATSON and his master, Mr FORSTER, with a boat's crew and a body of seamen joined a party from BLONDE in scaling the walls of Chinkeang-foo under heavy fire from a strong body of Tartars.
    WATSON was wounded in the attack.
  • 1843 Thomas BAILLIE, commissioned MODESTE at Sheerness on 5 June.
    By September she was bound for S, America, round Cape Horn and into the Pacific.
    On 7 July 1844 MODESTE arrived at the mouth of the Columbia River to show the flag at the Hudson Bay Company's post at Fort Vancouver some 100 miles upstream.
    Returning to the sea after a three week stay she grounded on the bar and required temporary repairs at Baker's Bay.
    Further repairs were needed at Port Simpson before she sailed for Hawaii.
    Because of rising tension between Britain and the USA over Oregon MODESTE was recalled to the Strait of Juan de Fuca in October 1845 to support the H. B.Co. She arrived off Fort Vancouver on 30 November where she remained until May 1847.
  • 1846 Thos.
    WATKINS, 12/1845, Pacific.
  • 1847 Reginald MACDONALD (act), 08/1847, Pacific.
  • 1848 Sheerness.

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