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MINERVA (32) Built in 1805, Deptford.
Broken up in 1815.

  • 1806 Capt. George Ralph COLLIER, 2/06, Channel.
    MINERVA fell in with RENOWN and WARRIOR off Cape Finisterre on 21 June and decided to annoy the enemy trade between Ferrol and Vigo.
    On the night of the 22nd Lieut. MULCASTER, with Lieut. Menzies of the Royal Marines, in the cutter and Lieut. Ogle MOORE in the barge, were dispatched to scour Finisterre Bay.
    They found five vessels under the protection of a fort with eight guns.
    The fort was carried by bayonet and pike before the guard had time to raise the drawbridge or fire the 12-pounder which covered the gate.
    Because dawn was approaching they had to confine themselves to spiking the guns and taking some prisoners.
    Five Spanish luggers and chasse-maree, mostly laden with wine, were boarded and brought off.
    No one was hurt on either side.
  • At the beginning of July MINERVA was in Oporto Roads when Capt. COLLIER learnt that several Spanish privateers were waiting in creeks along the coast for the arrival of the trade from England.
    Lieut. MULCASTER, Lieut. Menzies RM
    and Mr TURRELL, midshipman, set out in the barge on the 9th. to seek them out.
    They were accompanied by Peter WARD, Gunner's Mate, and Sergeant Hull.
  • They encountered the BUENA DICHA, a Spanish lugger armed with one 9-pounder, blunderbusses and muskets and carrying 26 men and carried her under a discharge of grape.
    One Spaniard was killed, the captain, two officers and two seamen were badly wounded.
    The barge returned to MINERVA after a round trip of 40 miles accompanied by the prize.
  • MINERVA reconnoitred the Ria de Pontevedra, some 15 miles north of Vigo, on 29 October and cut out two chasse-maree.
    The following day Lieut. JAMES in the barge cut out a Spanish lugger.
    On 3 October she anchored off the island of Ons and Capt. COLLIER in the cutter with the barge under Lieut. JAMES and Mr HOLT, midshipman, went in search of six gunboats near Carril.
    After rowing for seven hours they were hailed by one at anchor near the shore. She was immediately boarded and carried without loss and proved to be the Spanish gunboat No.
    2 commanded by Lieut. Don Jesse Lopez with 30 men and mounting a long 24-pounder in the bow and two brass 4 pounders.
  • Capt. COLLIER removed to SURVEILLANTE in 1807.
  • 1807 Capt. Richard HAWKINS, Corunna.
    MINERVA fell in with a brig about 100 miles north of Corunna on 23 September 1808.
    After a chase of about 75 miles to the S. W. she came within gunshot and Capt. HAWKINS fired at her twice before she overset in the gale which had blown up.
    He immediately brought to and sent the barge with Mr CARTER, master's mate, to save the people.
    The captain and the officers were drowned but 16 of the crew of 50 were saved.
    They said that she was the letter of marque JOSEPHINE taking a cargo of flour, brandy, wine and clothing from San Sebastian to Guadeloupe before cruising as a privateer in the West Indies.
  • To America at the end of 1811.
  • 1812 Convoy to the West Indies.
    ditto in 1813.
  • 1814 Out of commission at Sheerness.
    Broken up February 1815.

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