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MILFORD (74) Built in 1809, Milford.
Hospital ship in 1825.

  • 1809 Capt. Henry W. BAYNTUN, 06/1809 coast of France.
    A court martial was held on board SALVADOR DEL MUNDO in the Hamoaze during the summer at which Mr GRANVILLE, midshipman of MILFORD, was charged by his captain with mutiny, desertion, insolence and contempt.
    He was sentenced to be dismissed the service and serve 6 months in the Marshalsea Prison.
  • 1811 Capt. Edward KITOE, 08/1810.
    MILFORD arrived in Cadiz on 2 September 1810 and became the flagship of Rear Ad. Sir Richard KEATS who had arrived there aboard IMPLACABLE on 17 July.
    The squadron off Cadiz included ALFRED, ST. ALBANS, SAN JUAN and HOUND.
  • The French army under Marshal Victor had completed the blockade of the island of Leon by land and they were engaged on building batteries and improving forts along the whole coast line.
    Cadiz was garrisoned by 4,000 British and German troops, 16,500 Spanish and 1400 Portuguese, with twenty-one heavy guns covering the approach along the isthmus.
    The approaches by water were guarded by a Spanish flotilla of gun and mortar boats under Ad Valdez.
    These were supplemented by a British flotilla of gunboats built by shipwrights sent out from England and others brought from Gibraltar.
    This force soon numbered thirty vessels.
    People from MILFORD were employed in them and some, like Lieut. LEEKE who was killed in a battle with French gunboats on 1 November 1810, lost their lives.
    On 6 March 1811 two landings were made by Royal Marines and seamen of the squadron covered by the gunboats.
    One redoubt of four guns near Santa Maria was stormed by MILFORD's marines led by Capt. FOTTRELL.
    MILFORD had a number of casualties: Samuel ALLEN, seaman, and William SPILLAR, marine, were killed; William NASH, sergeant of marines, and James DARBY, marine, died of their wounds; John BAYLY, lieut.
    of marines, Joseph PETERS, James GILL, and William GILL, marines, were wounded.
  • From 14 to 18 June 1811 MILFORD cruised off the Straits to meet Sir Edward PELLEW who was sailing to take command in the Mediterranean. She took on board Rear Ad. LEGGE, who was to succeed Sir Richard KEATS and they returned to Cadiz.
    After the battle of Salamanca the French withdrew from Cadiz and MILFORD left in July for Gibraltar, the coast of Catalonia and the fleet off Toulon where Sir Richard shifted his flag to the HIBERNIA on the 31st.
  • 1812 Capt. J. D. MARKLAND (Rear Ad. FREMANTLE) Mediterranean.
    On 24 May 1813 MILFORD, off Ragusa, saw a convoy sailing between Stagus to Cattaro inside the islands.
    WEAZLE and HAUGHTY were sent in pursuit and all six were taken or destroyed.
  • 1814 Capt. Westby PERCIVAL, 10/1813, (Rear Ad. FREMANTLE) Gulf of Venice.
  • 1815 Out of commission at Plymouth.

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