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METEOR Bomb Purchased in 1883.
Sold in 1811.

  • 1807 James COLLINS, to the Mediterranean on 4 January. She was with the squadron under the orders of Vice-Ad. DUCKWORTH which forced the passage of the Dardanelles on 19 February.
    On 27 January the squadron came under fire from batteries which the Turks had erected on Prota Is.
    Meteor had no casualties until the return through the Dardanelles on 3 March when Lieut. G. E. BALLCHILD, RMA; Andrew FOLEY, gunner; Thomas COOMBS, gunner; John BROWN, artillery gunner, and four seamen were wounded.
  • On 6 November 1808 she was off Rosas with EXCELLENT (74) when that port was invested by five or six thousand French soldiers.
    Well directed fire from the two ships at point-blank range drove them out of the town and Capt. WEST of EXCELLENT reinforced the Spaniards in two forts with seamen and marines until the French brought up big guns to bombard the three ships (LUCIFER had joined) and forced them to retire out of range.
  • METEOR had six wounded between 7 and 29 November: David KERR, gunner RMA, who lost both arms; George GALE, RMA; Thomas JOHNSON and Bastina RAUSATTO, seamen and George RANSDEN, quarter-master.
  • The citadel of Rosas capitulated on 5 December and the attention of the attacking forces turned on the castle of Trinidad which had been reinforced by marines and seamen from IMPERIEUSE.
    Before they were evacuated trains were lit which blew up the magazines.
  • 1811 Deptford.

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