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METEOR Bomb Ex STARR, renamed METEOR in 1812.
Sold in 1816.

  • 1812 Peter FISHER, Baltic.
    At the end of October METEOR, aided by several Russian and Swedish gunboats, attacked the enemy garrison besieged in Dantzig.
    The METEOR ran right under the batteries and several houses were battered down and many others destroyed by fire.
    The squadron also occupied a point of land which enabled the allies to cut off the enemy supplies without keeping a single ship off the town during the winter.
    It was known that the garrison had eaten its last horse.
  • 1814 Samuel ROBERTS, 19/02/1814, North America.
    METEOR accompanied a detachment of British troops from the Garonne to take part in expeditions against Alexandria, Baltimore and New Orleans.
    On 17 August she took part in Capt. GORDON's expedition (SEAHORSE, EURYALUS, DEVASTATION, AETNA, METEOR, EREBUS and ANNA MARIA) up the Potomac to attack Fort Washington which they reached on the 28th.
    See EREBUS for details.
    During the return down river between 1 and 5 September METEOR had two seamen wounded, Henry HINCKMAN and William ROBERTS.

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