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MEROPE (10) Built in 1808, Chatham.
Sold in 1815.

  • 1808 Michael DOD, North Sea.
    He moved to MONMOUTH in April 1809.
  • 1811 Ed.
    FLIN, Portsmouth Mediterranean.
    In January 1812 MEROPE and SPARROWHAWK were left by Capt. CODRINGTON in BLAKE at Villa Nueva to assist Baron d'Eroles during his intended march into Arragon.
    When BLAKE took shelter from a gale in Villa Nueva on the 25 January MEROPE signalled her that the enemy were on the road to the westward and shortly after opened fire on them.
    BLAKE joined in and three wagons were seen disabled and abandoned.
    On 29 Capt. CODRINGTON received news that the whole French force from Barcelona was making a movement north-eastward along the coast and ordered Capt. TOWER in CURACOA to take RAINBOW and MEROPE to Mataro and assist Colonel O'Ryan in the defence of that place.
    When the ships approached Mataro on the following day, the CURACOA made a signal that the enemy were advancing, so the three opened fire on them near S. Juan de Vilasar.
    The French gave up the attack on Mataro and made their way through the vineyards, where they were out of gunshot, to Arenys de Mar.
  • 1812 John Charles Gawen ROBERTS, 23/07/1812, Portsmouth for the Mediterranean.
    On the east coast of Spain under the orders of Rear-Ad. HALLOWELL co-operating with the army in Catalonia.
  • 1815 William SUCKLING, Spithead.

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