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MERMAID (24) 6th rate Built in 1749, Buckler's Hard.
Wrecked in 1760.

  • 1749 Capt. KELLER, he was ordered to South Carolina where he died in 1750.
  • 1749 Capt. MONTAGUE. On Sunday 6th. August MERMAID sailed from Portsmouth for Boston, having on board 650,000 ounces of foreign silver coin and some copper, purchased by Sir Peter Warren and Mr Bollan, agent for New England, with money paid them at the Exchequer to indemnify the colony for their expenses in the taking of Cape Breton.
  • 1750 Capt. Elias BATE, 15th. December. He was ordered to the South Carolina station and died there on 18th. July 1752.
  • 1755 Capt. Washington SHIRLEY.
  • The following Advertisement appeared in the Boston Gazette:-
  • Whereas his Majesty's ship Mermaid, under my Command, is intended for a Convoy for the several Vessels on this Expedition, and it is generally imagined that she may be of great Service, if I can get Seamen sufficient to man her.
  • These are to give Notice to all those brave Seamen that are willing to serve his Majesty King George, on board the said Ship for the Time of the expedition, that they will repair on Board her, or to my House in Hanover Street, that they will meet with the best of Treatment, enter into immediate Pay, receive all fitting Encouragement, and, if they demand it, be discharged at the End of the Expedition.
  • Given under my Hand at Boston, the 31st. March 1755.
  • 1758 Capt. James HACKMAN, appointed on 18th. October.

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