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MELEAGER (36) Built in 1806, Chatham.
Wrecked in 1808.

  • 1807 Capt. John BROUGHTON.
    In 1807, in company with SHANNON, she cruised up to latitude 80deg 60min North for the protection of the Greenland whale fishery.
  • Later in the year she served on the Jamaica station and off St. Jago de Cuba (Santiago) on the night of 8 February 1807, 41 men in her barge, cutter and jolly boat under the command of Lieut. TIPMAN boarded and captured the French privateer felucca RENARD.
    The prize was armed with one long 6-pounder and muskets.
    Her crew of 47 were prepared for attack having been chased by an unidentified brig-of-war during the day.
    Eighteen of them jumped overboard and swam for the shore.
  • The Spanish letter of marque schooner ANTELOPE was taken on 19 February after a chase in which four 6-pounders were thrown overboard. She was sailing from Cadiz to Vera Cruz with a cargo of dry goods, brandy and wine and had left Santiago the previous evening.
    Her remaining armament consisted of a single long 18-pounder mounted amidships.
  • 1808 Capt. Frederick WARREN, Jamaica.
    On 30 July 1808 MELEAGER was wrecked on Barebush Key, Jamaica.

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