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MEGAERA (14) Fireship Built in 1783, Ipswich.
Sold in 1817.

  • 1799 G. WHITE, Plymouth.
  • 1800 H. WEST. She sailed from Plymouth on 22 January 1800 to join Ad. Sir A. Gardner's squadron of 31 sail of the line besides frigates at Torbay.
    When she left Torbay on 18 February with AGAMEMNON and REPULSE to join the Channel fleet MEGAERA ran down a loaded sloop, but all hands were saved. She had taken four days to bring from Earl ST. VINCENT when she arrived in Plymouth on 30 June, the 98 gun TEMERAIRE only took 48 hours.
    On 15 October MEGAERA, Capt. HILL, arrived at Plymouth from the Channel fleet with orders for all the ships in the Sound and Cawsand Bay to sail immediately.
    After delivering her orders she sailed again immediately.
  • 1801 On 13 January MEGAERA was sent to inform Earl ST. VINCENT that seven men of war with several frigates full of men were lying the outer road at Brest ready for sailing.
    Three French brigs were brought into Plymouth on 21 February 1801.
    These were part of 160 sail of the same description which had sailed from Bordeaux, after laying there for three months, with provisions and stores for the French fleet at Brest under convoy of two gun-brigs, but were dispersed in a gale two days after they sailed.
    One of them, laden with hides, salt and fish was a prize to MEGAERA.
    The others had been taken by VIPER and ACHILLES.
    On the last day of May MEGAERA sailed as escort to six victuallers laden with vegetables and stores for the fleet.
    Under Capt. NEWHOUSE she escorted more victuallers on 19 September.
  • 1802 Capt. NEWHOUSE, Channel. She entered Plymouth on 13 March 1802 after a cruise in company with ESCORT but sailed again directly with orders for Torbay.
  • 1804 Archibald DUFF, Portsmouth.
    MEGAERA sailed for a cruise off Havre on 7 January and returned on 8 February.
  • She and AUTUMN returned to Portsmouth from a cruise on 25 January 1805 and At a court martial on 22 February Capt. DUFF was admonished for using unofficer-like language and for rating officers not qualified.
  • 1805 Out of commission at Portsmouth

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