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MARTIN (18) Built in 1808, Bermuda.
Lost in 1817.

  • 1808 John EVANS, Bermuda.
  • 1811 Ditto, Channel.
  • 1812 Halifax.
    On 14 June 1813 MARTIN and STATIRA captured the 374 ton ship GUSTOFF, sailing from New York to Beaufort, and sent her into Halifax.
  • 1813 Humphry Fleming SENHOUSE.
    In July MARTIN was stationed in Delaware Bay with the JUNON frigate, Capt. James SANDERS, and on the morning of the 29th. she grounded on the Crow's Shoal, just over 2 miles from the beach. Because of the falling tide JUNON could not approach closer than a mile and three-quarters but the shallow water did not hinder ten American gunboats from anchoring just out of carronade range of MARTIN and opening fire on her with long 32-pounders. Capt. STENHOUSE had his two 9-pounders moved so that could be brought to bear on the enemy and they exchanged fire for about two hours without damage to MARTIN. When one of the gunboats became separated from the rest, three boats with 40 officers and men were sent from MARTIN and four from JUNON with a further 100, and they quickly boarded and captured gunboat No 121 of 78bm mounting two long guns, one 32 and one 4 pounder. The British boats lost 3 men killed or mortally wounded and 4 wounded. To the surprise of MARTIN's people, and the spectators on the shore, the gunboats called off their attack allowing MARTIN to float off.
  • MARTIN retook the brig HANNAH in the Chesapeake on 30 April 1814 and on 30 June she captured the American privateer SNAPDRAGON of 6 guns and 80 men.
    On 11 August she took part in the landing on Moose Island in Passamaquoddy Bay under Sir Thomas HARDY and Lieut. Col. Pilkington. MARTIN and LOIRE took the ship JANE and the brig ALICIA on 1 September. She returned home with dispatches from Sir Alexander COCHRANE.
    Capt. STENHOUSE was promoted to post rank on 12 October.
  • 1815 Hon. J. A. ARBUTHNOT, Cork, 1816 Channel, 1817 Andrew MITCHELL, Cork. She was wrecked off the west coast of Ireland on 8 December 1817.

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