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MARS (64) 3rd rate Taken from the French off Cape Clear by Capt. Philip SAUMAREZ of NOTTINGHAM in October 1746.
Wrecked in 1755.

  • 1746 Captured from French by NOTTINGHAM in October 1746.
  • 1753 Capt. John AMHERST, guardship at Plymouth. In 1755, when war was daily expected with France, MARS formed part of the squadron under Ad. BOSCAWEN which was ordered to sail to North America in April, but on 24th. June MARS was lost through the ignorance of the pilot who was taking her into Halifax Harbour. The crew, guns and a considerable part of her stores were saved. A court martial acquitted Capt. AMHERST of any blame.
  • 1755 Capt. John AMHHERST.
    MARS grounded while going into harbour at Halifax NS. while returning there with Ad. BOSCAWEN's fleet at the end of June, and it proved impossible to get her off again.

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