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MARLBOROUGH (74) Built in 1807, Deptford.
Broken up in 1835.

  • She was launched from Messrs. Barnard's Yard, Deptford, on 22 June 1807. She had began building in August 1805 and was one of five constructed by Sir John Henslow as Chief Surveyor.
    By August MARLBOROUGH, Capt. Graham MOORE, was lying at North Fleet ready for sea.
  • 1808 Commodore MOORE in the Brazils.
  • 1809 In June Capt. John PHILLIMORE was appointed to command her in the absence of Capt. MOORE.
    At the beginning of August 1809 MARLBOROUGH and RESOLUTION arrived with the lightly armed transports to take part in the reduction of the fortress at Flushing.
    Lieut. RENNIE of MARLBOROUGH who was embarked with Capt. WARD of RESOLUTION was killed soon after going into action.
    Capt. MOORE returned in October 1809.
  • 1811 Capt. M. H. SCOTT, off Rochefort.
  • 1812 Capt. C. B. ROSS.
    At Spithead for America, designated as flagship for Rear Ad. George COCKBURNE.
    In October 1812 MARLBOROUGH captured the French privateer LEONORE of 10 guns and 80 men off Scilly.
  • At the beginning of April 1813 the boats of the squadron under the direction of Lieut. PUCKINHORNE of SAN DOMINGO, boarded and carried after rowing 15 miles, four armed schooners in the Rappahannock.
    Two boats from MARLBOROUGH under Lieuts. URMSTON and SCOTT ran the ARAB of 7 guns and 45 men ashore and then boarded her without loss to themselves.
  • 1814 Capt. Robert HONEYMAN, Halifax.
    Later in the year out of commission at Portsmouth.

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