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MARIA Gun-brig Purchased in 1807.
Lost in 1808.

  • 1808 Lieut. James BENNETT.
    MARIA was N. E. of Point Antigua, Grand Terre, Guadeloupe, on 29 September 1808 when she gave chase to what appeared to be a French letter of marque. As they approached the land the wind suddenly dropped and his opponent, hoisting French colours, raked her with a broadside. Lieut. BENNETT ordered the sweeps to be got out but they were struck by a second broadside before they could be used. MARIA answered whenever her guns could be brought to bear but her masts and rigging were badly damaged and she was taking a lot of water through shot holes in the hull. When her ensign was shot away the French hailed to ask if she was striking and shortly after Lieut. BENNETT answered in the negative he was killed by three grape shot.
    The master, Joseph DYASON, kept up the fight but was forced to surrender when MARIA started to sink.
    He then found that the enemy was the French corvette SARDS (LANDES) with sixteen 32-pounder carronades, four long 12-pounders and and two 9-pounders. Apart from her captain MARIA lost midshipman Robert O'DONNELL and four seamen killed and nine wounded. The French ran her on shore and left her a wreck.
    Joseph DYASON was granted a cartel for Dominica so that he could report the loss to Rear-Ad. COCHRANE.

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