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MANILLA (36) Built in 1809, Woolwich.
Wrecked in 1812.

  • Early in 1811 Capt. John JOYCE was appointed to her pro.
    tem. and conveyed Sir John Sherbrooke to his government at Halifax.
  • During the winter of 1811 MANILLA cruised off the Texel and about 6.30 on the evening of 28 January 1812, when, according to the pilot's soundings she was nearer Smith's Knoll than the Dutch coast, a gale drove her onto the Haak Sands where HERO had been lost three weeks before. The falling tide rendered her immovable and Capt. JOYCE fired several guns as signals of distress and the Dutch Admiral De Winter sent out small vessels but the violence of the sea prevented them reaching her. The masts were cut away and preparations made to build a raft and the following morning, when the French ensign had been hoisted over the English, the schuyts managed to pick up 36 men off the raft. It was not until the gale abated on the 30th. that the Dutch were able to rescue the rest of the crew. Capt. JOYCE, after seeing everyone off, was carried to the French squadron in the Texel. The following day he and his officers were sent to the prisoner of war camp at Verdun where they remained until the end of the war.

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