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MALLARD (12) Gun-brig Built in 1801, Deptford.
Lost in 1804.

  • On 20 August 1801 the boats of HOUND and MALLARD set fire to a vessel loaded with pitch and tar which had been wrecked near Etaples some time previously. Six flat boats then came out of St. Valery and they forced them ashore where they lay hauled up on the beach.
    The following morning Capt. ROSE of JAMAICA sent in the boats of JAMAICA, GANNET, HOUND, TYGRESS and MALLARD to cut them out. Three were brought off, the others being too badly damaged. MALLARD had one seaman, John BUCY, slightly wounded.
  • 1802 Lieut. John READ, Yarmouth Roads.
    In January 1802 Lieut. READ was charged by her surgeon with not providing medical supplies for the vessel. A court martial at Chatham decided that the charge was malicious and unfounded.
    MALLARD arrived in Portsmouth from Guernsey on 12 April and sailed for St. Marcou on 8 May.
    In June 1803 she was stationed off Yarmouth and the following month, with SNIPE, CONSTANT, BOLD, CENSOR and two cutters, she was ordered to protect the trade along the coast from Orfordness to the Sturn.
  • 1804 Lieut. George William MILES.
    On the 25 December 1804, due to the neglect of her captain MALLARD grounded near Calais and was captured. The pilot, Mr Ayres, was also blamed.

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