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MAIDSTONE (32) Built in 1795, Deptford (built of fir).
Broken up in 1810.

  • Capt. MATHEWS, 03/1796.
    Capt. Ross DONELLY, 01/1799.
  • 1800 Ditto, Portsmouth off La Hogue.
  • 1803 Capt. R. H. MOUBRAY, Mediterranean.
    On 10 July 1804 the boats of NARCISSUS, SEAHORSE and MAIDSTONE under Lieuts. Hyde PARKER,J. LUMLEY and Ogle MOORE, attacked enemy vessels at Hieres.
    While the launches of SEAHORSE and MAIDSTONE kept up a steady fire against batteries ashore, Lieut. THOMPSON of NARCISSUS led the boarding parties which destroyed eleven or twelve settees.
    The losses were heavy: four killed and 23 wounded.
    In MAIDSTONE ordinary seaman John WOOD was killed and midshipman John VICTOR, Master's Mate Robert MANSELL, and seamen Thomas JAMES, John PACTON, John WHITE, John WHITEMAN, Peter DOMSEY, ALEX HORNE and Matthew WATTS were wounded.
  • 1805 Chatham
  •  MAIDSTONE (36).
    (1811 Deptford.
    Receiving ship 1832) 1812 Capt. George BURDETT.
    On 4 April 1812 the boats of MAIDSTONE under Lieut. M'KEEKAN captured the French xebec-rigged privateer MARTINET off Cap de Gatt. She carried 2 guns and 51 men.
  • MAIDSTONE and her boats were very active at the beginning of August.
    On the 1st. the boats of MAIDSTONE, and SPARTAN captured two American schooners, The POLLY of 1 gun, 4 swivels and 40 men and the MORNING STAR of 1 gun, 4 swivels and 50 men were burnt in a creek called Baily's Mistake in the Bay of Fundy.
  • The revenue cutter COMMODORE BARRY of 6 guns and the schooners MADISON, OLIVE and SPENCE, all armed with 2 guns, were attacked in Little River on the 3rd. and they were brought out by the boats.
    Most of their crews escaped ashore.
  • On the afternoon of 17 October, on the St. George's Bank some 250 miles south of Nova Scotia, MAIDSTONE, with SPARTAN in company, captured the American privateer brig RAPID. She had been armed with twelve carronades of various sizes and two long sixes but eight of the guns were thrown overboard during the nine hour chase.
    With a crew of 84 men she was three days out of Portland and had been provisioned for a three month's cruise off the Azores, Madeira, Cape Verde Is., Cayenne and Bermuda.
  • The armed schooner LOTTERY of 6 guns and 28 men and a cargo of coffee, sugar and logwood was taken on 9 February 1813 and sent off to Bermuda with a convoy of captured vessels.
    MAIDSTONE, with the boats of the squadron made another valuable capture on the 14th. She was the letter of marque CORA of 8 guns and 40 men. She was reckoned to be the fastest schooner out of Baltimore and was returning from Bordeaux on her maiden trip with a cargo of brandy, wine, silks and flints.
  • When armed American vessels were seen at the mouth of the Rappahannock on 3 April Ad. WARREN ordered MAIDSTONE, STATIRA, and the FANTOME and MOHAWK brigs, to chase them into the river.
    When the wind dropped the boats were manned and they went in under Lieut. PUCKINGHORNE of the SAN DOMINGO and carried four armed schooners.
    The DOLPHIN of 12 guns and 98 men was boarded by Lieut. BISHOP in STATIRA's cutter and Lieut. LIDDON in MAIDSTONE's launch.
  • In order to cut off American supplies and to destroy foundries and public works in the rivers at the head of the Chesapeake, Ad. WARREN directed Rear Ad. COCKBURN to take MAIDSTONE, FANTOME, MOHAWK, HIGH FLYER and three of the prize schooners under his orders.
    He sent 180 seamen and 200 marines under Lieut. WESTPHALL of MARLBPROUGH up the Elk River on 28 April where they destroyed flour and military stores at French Town and burnt 5 vessels.
    On 5 May MAIDSTONE was anchored off the Sasafras River and boats were sent up stream to Georgetown and Frederickstown.
  • At the end of the year MAIDSTONE, with more than 100 other vessels, was driven on shore and damaged during a hurricane which hit Halifax On 8 April 1814 a successful attack was made by a detachment of seamen and marines from LA HOGUE, MAIDSTONE, ENDYMION and BORER on vessels lying in the Connecticut River.
    They took or destroyed 27 vessels, all that were afloat or on the stocks within three miles of Pettipague Point.
  • The boats of MAIDSTONE, assisted by the SYLPH sloop and the British privateer the LIVERPOOL PACKET, chased the New York New London packet into the Black Point River on 21 May.
    The packet ran into a bridge over the river and both she and the bridge were burnt.
  • 1815 Capt. Alexander GORDON, Halifax.
    He exchanged with Capt. BURDETT when his own ship, the CHESAPEAKE, was ordered home.
  • 1816 Out of commission at Chatham.
  • 1832 Receiving ship at Portsmouth.

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