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MAGNET (18) Built in 1807, Northam (Cruizer class).
Lost in 1809.

  • 1808 George MORRIS, Baltic.
    While cruising off the island of Bornholm on 5 December 1808, Capt. MORRIS discovered a cutter inshore and, by disguising his brig, succeeded in enticing her out. He chased her through the afternoon and caught up with her at dusk. She was the Danish privateer PAULINA, mounting ten 4 and 8 pounder guns, although all but three were thrown overboard during the chase. She had been out from Copenhagen 12 days but had made no captures.
  • MAGNET and SALSETTE, with two Swedish sloops, left Karlskrona on 23 December 1808 with the last convoy of the year. They met heavy weather and thick ice. MAGNET and three ships were driven onto Saltholme Shoal on 11 January, she was got off but struck on another shoal in the Malmo Channel. Lieut. MORRIS managed to get all his people safely ashore although MAGNET was a complete loss, and they eventually arrived in Gottenberg.

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