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MAGMAMINE (74) Taken from the French on 31 January 1748.
Broken up in 1775.

  • In January 1748 the French MAGNANIME, which had just returned from escorting a convoy for San Domingo, was ordered to the East Indies.
    Soon after she left Brest she was partly dismasted in a gale and was returning to refit when she was sighted by Ad. HAWKE's fleet off Ushant.
    Capt. HARTLAND in NOTTINGHAM, joined an hour later by Capt. STEVENS in PORTLAND, was sent in chase.
    MAGANANIME struck after six hours with the loss of 45 killed and 105 wounded. She was purchased for the Royal Navy.
  • 1757 Capt. Hon. Richard HOWE, with a section of the fleet under Ad. Sir Edward HAWKE which attacked the Isle of Aix on 23 September.
    MAGNANIME and BARFLEUR bombarded a fort from 40 yards with such effect that it soon surrendered and the works destroyed.
    The object of the whole expedition had been to land forces on the French mainland and capture Rochefort but the scheme was abandoned and the fleet returned to Spithead on 6 October.
  • On 20 November 1757 she was with HAWKE in an action in Quiberon Bay against a French fleet which had escaped from Brest while bad weather had forced HAWKE to remain Torbay.
    MAGNANIME, which had been ordered inshore in hazy weather to make the land, signalled an enemy at a quarter before 10 in the morning, and soon the French were seen trying to get away.
    HAWKE ordered the seven ships near him to chase and soon MAGNANIME was closely engaged with THESEE.
    When the British ship was fouled by one of her consorts and fell astern, TORBAY took over and soon the French ship took on water through her lower ports and capsized with the loss of some 780 men.
    MAGNANIME closely engaged HEROS and forced her to strike, but the sea was so high that it was too dangerous to lower a boat to take possession.
    At daybreak she was discovered to have run aground.

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