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MAGICIENNE Built in 1812, Fishbourne.
Broken up in 1845.

  • She was first built as a 42-gun frigate but was razzed to a 24 without reduction of spars, thus adding 10 feet to her courses.
  • 1812 Capt. Hon. William GORDON. She captured the American privateer schooner THRASHER on 17 January 1813 after a chase of nine hours off the Island of St. Mary's.
    MAGICIENNE was off San Sebastian during the capture of that place on 9 September 1813.
  • 1814 Coast of Spain.
  • 1815 Out of commission at Portsmouth.
  • 1816 Capt. John B. PURVIS, 10/1815, fitting out at Plymouth for the East Indies as flagship of Rear Ad. Sir R. KING. She saved the crew of the Hon. Company's ship CABALVA wrecked upon the Cargados Garragos reef, for which the Court of Directors presented the captain with 200 guineas for a piece of plate.
  • 1820 Out of commission in Woolwich.
  • 1828 Sheerness.
  • 1831 Capt James Hanway PLUMRIDGE, 07/1831, fitting out at Woolwich.
    During August her lieutenants had to scour the naval ports for men to man her.
    On 1 November she left the fitting-out basin and took in powder before sailing for Torbay where they anchored on the 17th.
    Three days later they sailed for Rio.
    On 18 December a fire in the fore sail-room nearly caused a disaster; the wooden bulkhead of the magazine was burnt through to the copper before the blaze was put out.
    On 1 January 1832 they joined WARSPITE, DUBLIN and PYLADES at Rio.
    They sailed again on the 5th. and passed south of the Cape into the Indian Ocean.
    On 17 February, two days past St. Paul's Island, they assisted the East Indiaman MARQUIS OF HUNTLEY which had lost her rudder.
    Here a seaman named LEAVES was lost overboard when he struck a davit when falling from aloft.
  • MAGICIENNE reached Trincomalee on 10 March and sailed with CROCODILE for Madras on 21 April arriving in the roads there three days later. She sailed again when news came of disturbances at Nanning on the Malay Peninsular and took in stores at Penang on 19 May.
    On 6 June she anchored off Malacca and learnt from the Hon. E. I.Co.
    that the Rajah of Nanning was in rebellion and had seized territory adjoining the settlement.
    It was decided that the boats would blockade the rivers Lingghi, Moowar and Kissang, enclosing about 60 miles of coast, while troops advanced by land.
    Lieut. HUTTON was ordered to the Lingghi, Lieut. KEPPEL, with the DIAMOND hired schooner, a pinnace and seven man-of-war boats, the Moowar.
    On 23 August the blockading forces were recalled when the rebellious natives agreed terms and MAGICIENNE sailed for Singapore which was reached on 5 September.
  • On 8 September she landed Mr George Bonham.
    a member of the Government, in Batavia, then returned to Madras on 23 October via Trincomalee.
    On 1 November it was back to Penang which was reached on the 24th.
    After visiting Malacca on 1 December she returned to Madras on the 21st.
  • During January 1833 MAGICIENNE spent ten days in the fruitless search for a shoal supposedly discovered by MELVILLE (24) before sailing to Calcutta. She sailed again on 11 March after being towed down the Hooghly by the ENTERPRISE steamer.
    When they reached Singapore on 4 April they found an influenza epidemic which spread to the ship.
    Together with ALLIGATOR, WOLF and HARRIER, she returned to Madras.
  • 1835 Capt. G. W. St. John MILDMAY, 04/1835, Portsmouth for Lisbon.
  • 1840 Out of commission at Portsmouth.
  • 1841 Capt. Richard L. WARREN, 08/1841, Mediterranean.
  • 1844 Out of commission at Portsmouth.

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