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MEANDER (38) Built in 1813, Northfleet.
Broken up in 1817.

  • 1814 Fitting out at Woolwich.
  • 1815 Capt. John BASTARD,to the Mediterranean.
  • 1816 Capt. Sir James A. GORDON, (He was nominated a K. C.B.
    in January 1815) Sheerness.
    MEANDER sailed from Sheerness for Leith on 2 December but, because of bad weather, she was obliged to anchor occasionally until the 18th.
    On the evening of the 19th., with winds of gale force, she was endeavouring to gain Yarmouth Roads when breakers were reported on the lee-bow. Soon afterwards she struck on a shoal, went over it and anchored in 17 fathoms. Minutes later the carpenter reported nearly 6 feet of water in the hold but, through the exertions of the crew, she was kept afloat during the following 12 hours of darkness.
    Minute guns were fired and all the blue-lights in the ship were burnt but it was not until late on the morning of the 19th. before vessels came out to them. Since the wind was fair to Sheerness the officers set sail (all the men were manning the pumps) and with two sails over the bow to check the leaks she made it back, but it was not until the 22nd that she was safely secured in dock.
    It was found that she had carried away the whole of her fore-foot and a great part of her false and main keels.
    MEANDER was found to be not worth repairing so she was broken up in February.

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