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LOUISA Tender Purchased at Canton in 1835.
Lost in 1841.

  • She took part in the operations in China.
    On 7 September 1834 Chinese guns opened fire on LOUISA and two British frigates as they passed through the Bocca Tigis (or Bogue). Although the passage lasted nearly one and a w quarter hours the Chinese aim was bad and only IMOGENE received any hits, LOUOISA escaped by clever manoeuvring.
  • In August 1840, following provocation by the Chinese, LOUISA, commanded by mate Thomas CARMICHAEL, joined a small squadron including DRUID, HYACINTH and LARNE in attacking and capturing batteries behind Macao.
    During the attack on Canton on 18 March 1841 LOUISA and YOUNG HEBE followed ALGERINE and STARLING through the lines of rafts which blocked the river and joined in the bombardment of a strong battery.
    During the truce which followed the capture of the Canton forts LOUISA, together with the other vessels of the advanced squadron (MODESTE, PYLADES, NEMESIS and AURORA), was lying off Canton when, on 21 May 1841, the Chinese chose the dark, gloomy evening to launch an attack with fire rafts. Fortunately they were spotted before only a dozen or so out of the hundred or so were ignited and the squadron's boats were able to tow them away. LOUISA found herself within range of a Chinese gun and had to veer and haul on her cables to confuse the gunners and thus escaped damage.
  • LOUISA foundered during August 1841.

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