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    Originally tender to a Spanish slaver, captured and auctioned at Halifax in November 1811.She was used as a packet between Liverpool and London until the War of 1812 when she was fitted out as a privateer.
    A small vessel, 54 x 18.5 ft., she relied on speed and stealth. She was successful, capturing four schooners in 5 days and 11 vessels in a week off Cape Cod. She made several landings in the Elizabeth Islands and at Wood's Hole.
    She was eventually captured by the THOMAS out of New Hampshire after "a long chase ending a desperate battle", sold at auction, renamed YOUNG TEAZER's GHOST and used as an American privateer. Later renamed PORTSMOUTH PACKET she was recaptured by FANTOME on 5 October 1813 off the Metimicus Islands. She was armed with 5 guns and carried a crew of 45 and had sailed from Portsmouth the previous day. Richard Weckler in "The Cape Cod Mariner" estimates that her captures during the war numbered at least 100, valued between $250,000 and $1 million.

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