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LEYDEN (64) The Dutch LEIJDEN which surrendered to Vice Ad. MITCHELL in the Vlieter, Texel on 30 August 1799.
Sold in 1815.

  • 1803 Capt J. SEATER, fitting out at Chatham.
    In 1805 she was used as a floating battery and was then re-fitted at Chatham until Capt. William CUMBERLAND took command at the end of the year.
    In 1808 she was out of commission at Sheerness.
  • 1809 Capt. Thomas USHER, 03/1809.
    She was intended to be stationed in the Cattegat as mother-ship to thirteen gunboats giving protection to British trade, but a change of plans meant that she remained idle until she was employed to carry a regiment of the guards to Walcheren. LEYDEN brought home a number of sick soldiers and, when she was ordered back to the Scheldt, she was in such a poor state that Capt. USHER was unable to obtain pilots and had to navigate himself.
  • She was paid off at the end of 1809 to be repaired.
    In 1811 she was armed en flute as a trooper and employed in the Mediterranean under Capt. Edward CHETHAM and later Capt. John DAVIE, 05/1812. Capt. DAVIE successively visited Lisbon, Alicante, Palermo, Zante, Ponza, Santander, Cronstadt and Dantzig.
    LEYDEN was paid of in December 1814.

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