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LEVERET (18) Built in 1806, Dover (Cruizer class).
Lost in 1807.

  • Launched on 14 January 1806 and first commissioned by Cdr. SALT, who was promoted to post captain.
  • 1807 Richard James O'CONNOR, 10/1807.
    Soon after he was appointed, LEVERET was wrecked on the Galloper near Great Yarmouth on Tuesday 10 November 1807 by the gales which caused much damage all round the coast.
    He had been ordered out to see the WALDEMAAR, a Danish 84, safely into port.
    A court martial was held on board MAGNANIME in Sheerness Harbour on Wednesday 18 November 1807 where it was decided that, as Capt. O'CONNOR, his officers and his crew had made every exertion to save their ship once she had struck, they should all be acquitted.
    Once this enquiry was finished, Capt. O'CONNOR was again tried, on a charge by Rear Ad. WELLS, C.in C. Sheerness, that he had not afforded any assistance to a frigate on her beam ends on the Long Sand on the evening of the 10th.
    The court decided that no blame whatsoever was attached to Capt. O'CONNOR, His evidence showed that he was occupied at the time in trying to save his own vessel and he was fully acquitted.
    He next commanded the NED ELVEN brig.

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