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LEVERET Built in 1808, Blackwall (Cherokee class).
Sold in 1822.

  • 1808 Benjamin CRISPIN North Sea.
  • 1811 George Wickens WILLES, North Sea.
    The boats of the sloop captured and afterwards destroyed a Danish cutter privateer of 6 guns and 20 men on 28 June 1811.
  • 170 miles off Flamborough Head on the afternoon of 22 September and bound for Yarmouth with dispatches, she captured the French lugger privateer PROSPERO mounting two long 6-pounders and one 18-pounder carronade.
    Commanded by Peter Van Oronglen with 39 men, she was two days out of Rotterdam.
    On the morning of the 22nd the privateer had captured a Danish brig from Norway taking a cargo of wood to Hull and was in the act of taking another when LEVERET came up.
    Capt. WILLES sent an officer and a party of men in the lugger to recapture the Dane.
  • Seventy miles N. N.W.
    of the Texel she captured the French cutter privateer DUNKERQUOIS on 10 November 1811 after a three hour chase.
    The privateer mounted 14 carriage guns and her 36 men were commanded by Lieut. Peter Francis Degardine of the French navy. She had sailed the previous day from Amsterdam for a month's cruise and was in the act of capturing one of a scattered convoy from the Baltic, bound for London with timber and hemp, when LEVERET surprised her.
    The cutter had previously been in the British revenue service.
  • On 16 July 1812 one of her boats under Lieut. ROMNEY was involved in the capture of the privateer EOLE.
    (see BRITOMART (10)) Unfortunately his oars got foul of those of BRITOMART's boat and he was obliged to drop astern at so did not take part in the initial boarding.
    However, on the 4 August she captured the French lugger privateer BRAVE of 4 guns and 22 men.
    The privateer was four days out of Gronin Gen.
  • 1814 Jonathan CHRISTIAN, 12/1813, Channel.
    He re-commissioned her in September 1815.
  • 1816 John THEED, Cape of Good Hope.

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