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LEONIDAS (36) Built in 1807, Frindsbury.
Hulk in 1872.

  • 1807 James DUNBAR, Nore.
  • 1808 Ditto, Mediterranean.
  • 1809 Capt. Anselm John GRIFFITHS, 07/1809, Mediterranean.
    The LEONADES formed part of the squadron under Capt. SPRANGER at the capture of Cephalonia on 4 October 1809 and assisted at the reduction of St. Maura by the military and naval forces under Brig. Gen. Oswald and Capt. EYRE in March and April 1810.
    LEONIDAS was directed to cruise to the northward of St. Maura to prevent any supplies or reinforcements being sent to Corfu.
  • The troops and marines were landed on the island on 22 March and advanced on the citadel.
    The enemy had constructed two formidable redoubts on a neck of land to prevent them approaching, so Capt. BRISBANE carried orders from Capt. EYRE to LEONIDAS, a few miles off shore, to cannonade the first redoubt.
    A simultaneous attack by the troops drove the enemy out at bayonet point and followed them so closely that they fled through the second redoubt without stopping.
  • Capts.
    BRISBANE (BELLE POULE) and GRIFFITHS then took their ships in to sound around the citadel but found it impossible to approach closer than one mile.
    The citadel finally surrendered after an assault on 15 April.
    At Plymouth in the autumn.
  • 1812 Ditto, cruising in the Channel.
    At daylight on the morning of 17 January 1812 he gave chase to a schooner which was about to attack two merchant vessels.
    He was not having much success in the very variable and unsettled weather when the sloop DASHER crossed the enemy's track and forced her to surrender.
    The prize was the CONFIANCE of St. Malo which had been out for nine days without making any captures.
    All her 14 guns were thrown overboard during the chase.
  • On 17 February, about 100 miles south of Cape Clear he captured the French privateer brig GAZELLE after chasing her for eleven hours. She was armed with fourteen carronades, 12 and 9-pounders, and a crew of 91 men.
    On the 8th. she had taken the ARCADIA from Halifax laden with timber.
  • 1813 Capt. George SEYMOUR, 01/1813.
    Cork station Bermuda.
    On 23 May he captured the American privateer PAUL JONES of 16 guns and 85 men, five of whom were wounded during the chase.
  • 1815 Capt. William KING, America.

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