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LEDA (36) Built in 1809, Woolwich.
Sold in 1817.

  • 1809 Capt. George SAYER, 11/1809.
    At the beginning of 1810 LEDA escorted a troop convoy to Cadiz and brought home Vice-Ad. PURVIS.
    Later she escorted a convoy of East Indiamen to Bengal and joined Vice-Ad. DRURY at Madras in January 1811.
    He was ordered to command the squadron intended to spearhead the assault on Java and other Dutch possessions, and embarked 500 soldiers from the 14th. and 89th. regiments.
    Commodore BROUGHTON commanded the expedition until Rear Ad. STOPFORD took over the direction himself on 9 August.
  • The greater part of the army was landed at the village of Chillingchill in Java on 3 August under the direction of Capts.
    Before the assault on Batavia, the capital, Capt. SAYER directed the landing of twenty 18-pounders manned by 500 seamen from his Majesty's ships and, by the evening of the 25th., their superior, well directed fire, silenced the 34 heavy guns (18, 24 and 32-pounders) that the enemy had brought to bear.
    The seamen were greatly fatigued after keeping up a heavy fire for three days under the hot sun, but their efforts were rewarded by the successful assault which was launched on the morning of the 26th. by the army and resulted in the Dutch capitulation.
    The Dutch fortified camp, Meester Cornelis, was 5 miles in circumference with 280 pieces of cannon.
  • After the subjugation of Java Capt. SAYER, remaining as senior officer, was responsible for garrisoning its dependencies and received the commendation of the Lieutenant Governor.
  • In 1813 Capt. SAYER commanded the vessels sent against the Sultan of Sambras in Borneo, whose piratical attacks threatened the extinction of British trade in the area.
    Naval and military forces were sent 70 miles up the principal river a stormed batteries mounting 40 guns.
    Capt. ELLIOT of HUSSAR was in immediate command of the boats.
  • When Vice Ad. Sir Samuel HOOD died suddenly at Madras on 24 December 1814, (he was only ill for three days) Capt. SAYER hoisted a broad pennant in LEDA and assumed command until Rear AD.
    Sir George BURLTON arrived from England in June 1815.
    LEDA was sent to the Straits of Sunda and the China seas to frustrate American attacks and it was in Java on 23 July that he first heard of the cessation of hostilities.
  • While returning to Madras LEDA suffered much damage and was nearly lost in a typhoon.
    When she entered the Malacca Straits on 19 November Capt. SAYER learnt of the death of the Rear Admiral on 21 September so once again he assumed the position of Commodore.
    At the close of 1816 Rear Ad. Sir Richard KING arrived from Europe allowing LEDA to return to England after an absence of nearly seven years.

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