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LAUREL (36) The French LA FIDELE taken in 1809.
Wrecked in 1812.

  • 1811 Capt. Samuel Campbell ROWLEY, 02/1811.
    LAUREL arrived in Quiberon Bay on the evening of 30 January 1812 and was placed under the orders of Capt. SOMERVILLE of the ROTA to sail in company with her and RHIN in pursuit of three French frigates.
    On the morning of 31 January she struck a sunken rock known as the Govivas whilst following ROTA through the Teigneuse passage.
    The captain remained on the wreck, exposed to heavy fire from the French batteries, until her people had been rescued by the boats sent by the other ships.
    The jolly boat with two men broke adrift and was lost among the rocks and 96 officers and men were taken prisoner including two lieutenants who had gone ashore in a vain effort to persuade the French commandant to respect the flag of truce.
  • Capt. ROWLEY, his officers and the pilot, Joseph BEAULIEU were acquitted of all blame at a court martial in Portsmouth on 19 February.

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